Speed limit increase bill fails in N.D. House on a tie vote

A bill to raise the speed limit on North Dakota highways failed in the state House today — on a tie vote.

House Bill 1264 would have raised the speed limit on multilane, divided highways to 75 miles per hour, and 80 miles an hour on Interstate highways.

The bill had both strong support and opposition, so most lawmakers knew the vote would probably be close.

When the final floor vote was tallied, the bill failed to win a majority, losing on a split 46 to 46 vote.

Since the bill did come down to a tie, the bill sponsor has the chance to re-introduce the bill on the house floor for another vote. Rep. Jake Blum tells us he’ll need some time to make the decision. 

Rep. Jake Blum: “I’m working on it. I got pretty much the rest of the evening to do so. If I don’t feel as if I’ve convinced enough people, I won’t go for the reconsideration.”

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