Spooked workers say objects move, footprints left behind in West Fargo church


West Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – It seems like a story pulled from Halloween movie. 

A 133 year-old church, allegedly haunted.

That’s what a crew working on the church at Bonanzaville is saying, working even faster, so they’re done before Halloween.

The old South Pleasant church is surrounded by history so it would only make sense if some of the people previously involved with the church, wouldn’t want to leave.

And that’s forcing crews to leave the job site, before it gets dark.

“We’ve experienced stuff that’s unexplainable,” said Raul Turrubiates, worker at the church. “It’s not explanation to what we’ve felt here.”

Raul Turrubiates and his crew have been working on South Pleasant church at Bonanzaville since Monday and they can’t wait to be done.

“Just being here can be a little creepy,” said Turrubiates. “We try to leave when it gets a little darker and arrive when it’s a little lighter.”

He says the church is haunted after he saw a shop vac moved without anybody near, a pencil randomly showed up on the floor, then the pitter patter of bare feet leaving behind a trail.

“They go all the way down, as a matter of fact, there’s one, it’s here, it’s sideways you can see the arch right here, all the toes right here, kind of looks like it’s angled this way, it’s kind of weird because they’re at different angles.”

The men continued working upstairs, until the next day, when the ghost wanted to check out the balcony.

“We didn’t actually see the door open, but we saw the wood shuffle, then we looked down,” said Turrubiates. “Then all of a sudden, as soon as we look down, the door slams shut just like this. Like it said, it’s not an easy door top open, takes quite a bit to open it, and with the wood there, it’s nearly impossible to be opened by the wind or anything like that.”

After chatting with Raul, I went to open a hymnal, and honest to the man this church was dedicated to, I randomly opened the book to a song titled, “The holy ghost.”

“Just standing around working, you get goosebumps,” said Raul. “And that’s not normal. We’ve worked in old buildings, so it’s nothing new, but just being here is kind of creepy once in a while.”

The executive director of Bonanzaville says it’s not a ghost, rather a guardian angel.

The crew working says no matter what they need to get done, they’re not working here on Halloween day.

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