Spreading the Love at Standing Rock

Two campers have a goal of spreading the love around the main camp
They walk around carrying signs…signs that share positive messages 
Angela Adam, “Saw it as an opportunity to bring the light and the love to a place that’s there’s a lot of fear and frustration.”  
All of them read quotes of love and harmony
Angela Adam brought these signs with her to standing rock from Minnesota and is humbled by the response she has gotten
“The response has been incredible. Everyone ‘I love you too’ and then hugs all around. It’s incredible that the sentiment that something as simple as the words, ‘I love you,’ can evoke in a human,” said Adam
Since arriving at the camp on Monday… Adam’s has already enlisted more help.
Shaundra saw what Adams was doing and wanted to join in on the movement.
She says, “we have to be together, stay together, and help one another. And you definitely see that. Everybody’s together, eating together, sharing together, singing together, praying together.”
And it was this message that brought these two friends together.

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