Sprenger Admits Sexual Abuse of Baby, Toddler

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A Minot man has admitted sexually assaulting one baby and one toddler and will be sentenced next month.
32-year-old Timothy Sprenger changed his pleas to guilty in North Central District Court this morning.

Sprenger admits sexually abusing a six-month-old baby on one occasion, and about 30 instances with a different child between the age of one and three.
His crimes happened more than a decade ago and were detailed in a journal he kept which was discovered by his brother last year.

The prosecution is seeking a 20-year prison sentence on one charge, with a 20-year sentence to follow on the second charge, but that second sentence would be suspended.
The defense will make its recommendation for a sentence at the sentencing hearing next month.

Judge Todd Cresap will be able to impose any sentence he sees fit, up to the 20-year maximum for each charge.

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