Spring is just around the corner and it’s hard to believe

A lot of us woke up to a few inches of snow and had to break out the shovels again. 
Heidi Werosta tells us this won’t last forever.

That’s the sound of winter in full swing. 

Tom Nohre, Bismarck Resident, says, “Yeah I’m over snow for sure.” 

Much of the state received snow and said we needed the moisture — but for Cutler Brost he would’ve rather seen the liquid form — he certainly doesn’t enjoy shoveling especially when it’s the heavier kind and the plows go through. 

Cutler Brost, Dickinson Resident, says, “When they pass by the driveway they can put that gate down and it’ll a big old windrow in front of the driveway. Well, we saw two plows pass and it looks like they failed to use it here.”

We are counting down the hours until the first day of Spring and this snow proved that everyone is ready for it to arrive.

Nohre says, “I want to get the bike out, not the snow blower.” 

Tony Musumba teaches astronomy and says when Spring arrives our days will continue to get longer. 

Tony Musumba, Physics and Astronomy Professor, “We’ve been having longer nights and shorter days now. We’re going to have longer days and shorter nights. So we’ll have a lot of fun in the summer.” 

Cause a a lot of people are sure looking forward to the season change. 

Hunter Andes, Astronomy Student, says, I always look forward to it. It’s when the birds start chirping and the days are getting longer and just the smell in the air coming out of winter.”

Those of you who continue to shovel don’t think winter is over just yet. 

Nohre says, “When it actually comes.” 

Cause everyone who’s lived here long enough knows the weather can change at anytime. 
Let’s hope Andes get’s to see the Spring sunshine soon.

The sun will cross the equator just before noon tomorrow at 11:15. 

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