Springing Into Planting

The USDA reports North Dakota farmers expect to hit the fields in the next ten days or so.
And they’ll find good moisture for planting this year.
Jim Olson was in Mountrail County today and found some farmers are getting a jump of this growing season.

(Cliff Tollefson, Mountrail County Farmer) “This week now is when we’re going to start putting seed into the ground.”

(Jim Olson, KX News) “The 2019 growing season is just getting underway. Here at the Tollefson farm near New Town, they’re putting down fertilizer and by this time Tuesday, they’ll be planting peas. Optimism certainly is here certainly, but also realism about what’s ahead for this year.”

(Cliff Tollefson, Mountrail County Farmer) “There isn’t much right now. Especially recently the markets went down another 50 cents it seems like.”

But even as he gets his equipment rolling for spring with not much hope of a profit based on current prices, Cliff Tollefson’s going to stick with the plan he drew up over the winter.

(Cliff Tollefson, Mountrail County Farmer) “I bought some seed and you make those plans over the winter and you just gotta go with it and see how it turns out once harvest rolls around.”
(Eric Eriksmoen, NDSU Research Agronomist) “This is going to be a really tough year for making a profit, at least going into the planting season. I think farmers are going to do what they know how to do best which is going to be a lot of spring wheat that’s going to be planted. I think wheat is going to be our number one crop this year..”

Eric Eriksmoen at the North Central Research Extension Center says that would mean an end to the brief stretch where soybeans had taken over the top spot on the list of crops grown in North Dakota.

(Eric Eriksmoen, NDSU Research Agronomist) “Soybeans have been really good for our farmers, they’ve been very profitable. But you’ve got to have a market.”
(Cliff Tollefson, Mountrail County Farmer) “I think every farmer – they act pessimistic but they have to be optimistic if you’re going to be in this job.”

And that’s what drives him to dive headlong into another year of uncertainty in the fields of North Dakota. Near New Town, Jim Olson, KX News.

The Tollefsons are one of several farm operations in Mountrail County that are getting going with seeding this week.

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