St. Paul man charged with attempted murder in shocking road rage incident


(CBS News) – A man from St. Paul, Minnesota, was charged Thursday following a road rage confrontation that was caught on camera.

Shocked motorists flooded 911 with calls that a bus driver had been shot along a major Minneapolis freeway at rush hour Tuesday. Police said 31-year-old Kenneth Lilly fired five shots at the 78-year-old school bus driver who bumped his car on an icy interstate, hitting him in the head and arm. 

There was one student on the bus, an 8-year-old girl, but she was not hurt. Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said, however, that “the trauma of having to experience such a scene” is “intolerable.”

Investigators said Lilly works as an armed security guard and became angry after a minor accident with the bus. Police said he remained at the scene and dialed 911 himself before he was arrested minutes later.

On Thursday, prosecutors charged him with attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon. Lilly told police it was self defense.

“We do not believe there was a self-defense claim based upon the evidence that we have received so far,” said prosecutor Dave Brown.

Officials said the bus driver stayed awake as he was taken to a nearby hospital and is doing OK.

“I can’t even comment on how often a person with a clean record does something like this,” Brown said. “We’ll be looking at the record that is obviously something that comes into play way down the line.”

The shooter’s employer said they’ve never had an incident with Lilly. 

His first court appearance is on Friday and he faces 20 years in prison if convicted.

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