Standing Rock voters head to the polls

There was a steady flow of voters in Cannon Ball as residents submitted their ballots on Tuesday. 

According to poll organizers, the turnout was more than what they expected and had in the past. 

The process was easy and there were no complications for residents to vote.

Overall, voters say nothing would stop them from making a difference.

“Tribes are starting to come together to try to make a change, they see whats going on in social media and the media. I think its time for a change,” resident, Lyle Usesarrow said.

“The last election it didn’t seem like there was that big of a turnout, but today it does. We had a lot of our community members excited to vote talking to each other and offering rides. They were really coming together,” resident Lannett Eagleshield said. 

The polls closed at Cannon Ball at 7 p.m.

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