Stanley Enrolls its Students Into Skittle School For A Day


A new party theme among college and high school students is called a “Skittle’s Party”. 

Kids are taking prescription drugs from their homes and bringing them to a party.

Here’s how it works, they fill a bowl with all the combined pills. 

The one they take at random is the one you follow. 

Because of the growing popularity of this – Stanley High School is taking action.

“Our community cares about these kids,” said Sarah Sorenson, High School Counselor.

The school just recently heard about the Skittle’s Parties…

“From our ER doctors they have seen students come in with the affects of different medications and pills that they have taken,” said Sorenson.

Once they heard, they knew they had to take action. But they wanted to take it one step further and address students about a variety of topics.

“We don’t want to bury our heads in the sand and think this isn’t happening here because it is,” said Sorenson.

The high school brought it several speakers to inform students about drugs and alcohol.

“They really need to know the why’s. Why is it bad for me to take that drink, why is it bad for me to vape, why is it bad for me to smoke marijuana?” said Sorenson.

Some students say they are surprised at how much is happening in rural North Dakota.

“I wouldn’t really expect that to be in Stanley,” said Danae Vachal, Junior.

“It is eye opening,” said Jace Ruud.

Since some of the substance abuse is happening in their hometown, professionals remind them just how dangerous it is to experiment.

“Addiction in general and the pills it sneaks up on you, next you have an addiction and now you’re sneaking to keep feeding that addiction,” said Gerald White, Drug Enforcement MHA Chief.

“It’s a crisis that’s happening in rural North Dakota right now,” said Sorenson.

“I hope they learn something from this,” said Vachal.

Because ultimately the counselor says that they want to see their students at school and not hear about tragedy that happened over the weekend. 

Skittle’s School was scheduled this week so the information would be fresh in the students minds for prom this weekend.

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