Stark and Billings County students show talent at 4-H event

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Tomorrow’s leaders were showcased in Dickinson on Monday

The Roughriders Days 4-H non-living exhibit for Stark/Billings County was on display at the Biesiot Activities Center

Kids, ages 8 – 18 – years -old, enter categories ranging from animal and plant science to photography.

They describe their work to judges and are later scored…with a winner for each category.

Teachers and parents like the activities because it allows students to develop public speaking skills and  a craft.

“The workmanship that a 13- year -old  puts together on an exhibit like that . . . I look at it and say here is the leaders of tomorrow,” said Kurt Froelich, NDSU Extension Center.

4-H activities continue tomorrow.  The Horse Show is tomorrow, and the Livestock show is on Thursday.


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