BISMARCK — With the risk of springtime flooding continuing to increase, there’s a new tool you can use to assess the risk of flooding at your home.

The North Dakota Water Commission recently unveiled a new interactive map you can check out before the water starts to rise.

Officially called the North Dakota Risk Assessment Map service, the new, free tool will show users flood depths, surface elevations as well as scenarios for 100-and 500-year floods.

Users can even zoom in to specific locations to see current flood risks and regulatory FEMA floodplains.

KX News spoke with the Water Commission about what you should do after reviewing an area for flood potential.

“It’s really meant to start a conversation as too, how do you handle that risk, how do you mitigate that risk? are there projects within your community that could help that mitigation action? do you need to start stressing the concept of flood insurance for individual homeowners or buildings that might be impacted by those floodwaters,” said Laura Horner the State Riskmap Coordinator with the ND Water Commission.

For those interested in trying out the map, click here.