State Initiative Aims to Prepare Students Against Cyber Threats

It no longer matters what career field you’re headed toward, everyone needs to be cyber-educated.

It’s never too early to start.

Over 40 North Dakota organizations have come together to come up with new educational standards for students, starting in kindergarten through higher ed.

This way, teachers and more importantly, the next generation are educated in cyber hygiene. Much like personal hygiene we all practice to maintain good health and well-being, cyber hygiene can keep data safe and well-protected.

Chief Information Officer for the Information Technology Department Shawn Riley explains, “It’s about time that we start thinking about this across the entire nation. It’s time, and has been for way longer than we’ve been talking about this, but we have to get this done. We have to be able to help our students who are growing up in this world, to really understand the threats they’re against.”

Right now, a small group of North Dakota teachers are being trained with these developing standards.

The state’s Information Technology Department will be implementing these new lessons as soon as they can get teachers trained. 

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