NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Millions of dollars worth of drugs have been bought and sold on the dark web across the world, and a lot of it has made its way to North Dakota.

But right now, almost 300 people are behind bars after an international task force infiltrated the online drug marketplace.

Drug syndicates in China and Mexico have specifically been using the dark web to buy and sell drugs to American middlemen, who then distribute the drugs to communities in North Dakota and other states.

With the arrests, the Department of Justice hopes this will, in turn, lead to a big reduction in drug use and sales, nationwide.

“Many people probably think this could not affect them. That the dark net is too mysterious, too distant, and too inaccessible. But the dangers of drugs from the dark net are far too real and far too prevalent. And users never know which pill may be their last,” said Paul Abbate, Deputy Director of the FBI.

Cryptocurrency still remains the top monetary choice on the dark web, because it’s more universal than other currencies. In fact, 62% of all sales on the dark web involve drugs.