NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota’s Department of Transportation has delayed a $4.2 million road safety project following a state lawmaker raising concerns from constituents.

Delineators are reflective, metal posts on the roadside used to guide traffic and improve driver safety, particularly at night.

Posts were installed this summer. However, state lawmaker Janne Myrdal says the project caused an uprising in northeastern North Dakota.

“I received a landslide of emails and texts and Facebook messages about these delineators. I drove out to the area myself and it was like a civil uprising,” said Myrdal.

Myrdal started hearing complaints about the posts being hazardous for people driving farm machinery.

“It became hazardous because they need to weave in and out. It became very evident that not all shoes fit all,” said Myrdal.

Myrdal contacted the North Dakota Department of Transportation, the Governor’s Office, and the Agriculture Commissioner.

Right now the project has been stalled while the DOT looks for a way to design the project.

“They are going to remove the heavy metal T-post strong signs and they are stopping the project as is today,” said Myrdal.

One thing that has been confirmed is the design change will include “flappables”.

“Sadly I don’t think they will be able to get to all of that until next spring. So we are just going to have to be patient,” said Myrdal.

It is unclear how this new design change will impact the project’s cost.

“We don’t know if there’s going to be a huge effect on that. We have not heard from the DOT. But I’m sure they will report to us. I don’t see that to be a huge burden I know some have asked if it’s going to cost more now. It is federal money and I think there will be money available to put up these flappables,” Myrdal said.

DOT announced the project in March, funded by federal money.

The posts are used on all four-lane roads and interstate highways in North Dakota.

The project is part of the state’s Vision Zero strategy for reducing traffic deaths.

DOT released the following statement. :

“It’s common to reassess and implement design changes on projects when new information becomes available. We are currently working on the design change and will not know what the final design will be for several weeks. The project is expected to resume this spring with the new design change.”