NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The U.S. Department of Energy has now awarded a $465 million dollar grant for energy transmission investments in the state and surrounding areas.

In Monday’s Eye on Ag & Energy, what this means for North Dakota energy.

According to Senator Hoeven, $1.3 billion will be going to improve our power grid and make sure we have a diverse amount of energy supporting it. This includes clean energy and fossil fuels.

Not only are we talking about the energy keeping our lights on, but we are also looking to transfer this power outside of North Dakota.

This will help keep our state’s energy producers busy, building our revenue, and improving power grids throughout the country.

“This transmission project is important because it is about moving the energy we produce in North Dakota to other parts of the country. And again it is about building North Dakota as an energy powerhouse for our nation,” said Senator John Hoeven.

Senator Hoeven says this project will expand the transmission capabilities to ensure we can deliver energy where it’s needed most.