NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — When people are consistent with their workout routine and not seeing those desired results, they can become easily frustrated and discouraged.

According to a news release, this can happen to even the most experienced gym go-ers, not just those who are just starting out.

It’s always helpful to know what’s preventing those results and what’s going to keep you on the path towards success and those results that you want.

Experts at Fitness Volt have six reasons why you may not be seeing those desired results.

These six reasons also have little tips for fixing things as well.

Neglecting sleep

If a person is not getting enough sleep each night, they won’t have the energy for their workouts, and then they don’t reach their full potential. When someone is sleeping, their muscles release amino acids that help build protein. This helps those muscles grow and recover. People should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

Neglecting to warm up

Warm-ups are the most overlooked part of exercising but are also the most crucial part of a workout. By not warming up, people are unable to reach their full potential, all they have to do is get their blood flowing. Jogging is the most common, and a great warm-up. People can perform mobility movements to help with joints or perform an exercise without weights to work on their form.

Not eating before a workout

It always sounds like a good idea to skip breakfast when someone goes to the gym first thing in the morning, but eating is what gives someone the energy they need. Carbohydrates specifically give the body the fuel it needs, so people should look for whole-grain cereals or toast with fruit. People should keep the portions small though. This is to prevent feeling bad or sluggish after the workout.

Not having enough protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for all diets, whether a person is trying to build muscle or lose some weight. Protein also helps to promote a healthy metabolism and reduces appetite if a person is trying to lose weight. But it also helps to repair and maintain tissue if they’re trying to build muscle. A person should have one gram of protein per pound of their body weight. Eating foods like chicken, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and walnuts can help add to a person’s protein intake.

Not pushing hard enough

When a person gets too comfortable in the same exact routine it can lead to losing determination because they get bored. A person will build strength and resilience and they’ll have the ability to push themself to a new level when the body gets to be too used to a workout. Pushing oneself prevents them from hitting a plateau and keeps the muscles challenged to keep building strength.

Avoiding rest

People assume that the more days someone is in the gym, the better the results are going to be, and the faster those results are going to be achieved. But avoiding rest will really slow down the process. Over-exercising can lead the body to exhaustion, which affects performance and prevents strength building. The body recovers from injury during rest too. If someone strains a muscle and doesn’t rest right away, their body will make them rest and it’ll have an impact on how they exercise in the future. A person should rest at least three times a week if they workout regularly. But people who are new to working out or have an intense routine should take more days off.

“For some people, fitness can be overwhelming, from understanding the correct form for exercises to learning which ones fit your goals in the first place. So, it can be quite stressful to feel like you’ve nailed your workout routine but you aren’t seeing results after quite some time. Fortunately, the common reasons which hinder workout results aren’t anything too complicated, and it might be something as simple as having a day off from exercising, but it’s important that gym-goers are aware to keep them on the right track,” said a spokesperson from Fitness Volt.