80 mph speed limit gets green light in North Dakota

(KXNET) — In a close vote in the Senate, legislators said ‘yes’ to raising the speed limit.

House Bill 1475, which passed by just four votes, would raise the speed limit by five miles an hour on the interstate in North Dakota.

Both the Highway Patrol and the city of Bismarck remained neutral on the plan.

Lawmakers cited the so-called 85th percentile speed, which looks at the speed at which 85% of drivers on the road are traveling.

“There are areas of the interstate that currently have reduced speed limits and those will remain,” stated Senator Bob Paulson. “In areas that cannot safely support an increase, the DOT will perform additional engineering analysis to determine an appropriate speed limit.”

Once the governor signs the bill, the Department of Transportation will replace the interstate signs by summer.

The new speed limit will go into effect on August 1.