NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — We all know that Agriculture and Energy are big here, it takes the lead in the main industries here in our state.

That is why the Stockmen’s Association gathered together to network, create policies and share experiences with one another.

Thursday, September 22, is the start of the 93rd annual North Dakota Stockmen’s Association’s convention and trade show.

This year’s theme is “Vegas”.

Even though what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, things get serious and put into order here.

“Ultimately, we implement the brand inspection program which protects property rights to the livestock rights and ownership laws of the state of North Dakota and obviously we have a great representation up on the hill, and we try to represent the industry and protect the industry in our lifestyles from all the attacks currently from all the different people that are trying to attack our industry,” the Association President, Jeff Schafer said. 

Both the President and Vice president say that this convention will touch on various issues that ranchers have been facing.

Not all good things either.

“Obviously, the biggest issue is we’ve had some ongoing drought. We’ve had some storms this spring. You know the marketplace and you have all that talk on that so that’s always a concern. It seems to be with a drought going through the nation and not just out here and those storms you know leverage is coming back to the cow-calf producer we’ve got to see that opportunity. We just have to make sure that the marketplace is honest, and all the laws are being upheld,” said Schafer. 

“Environmental issues are always on the forefront new things like new words like sustainability and where your beef comes from and is it humanely, raised, and treated and things like that those are always things that we deal with farm bill coming up we’re on a session where we will be looking at farm bill so input from that,” said Association VP, Jason Leiseth. 

But association president Jeff Schafer says there is sunshine in the midst of the livestock storm.

“The pre-call is neutral to friendly and you look at the placements going in a lot of these placements coming in are drought place cattle they’re not going to wheatgrass, so ultimately, I truly believe with the markets that we have in the call rates that we have in this nation’s leverage is coming back so markets look good. Look at this feeder calf market is doing its good times and the beef industry right now,” said Schafer.

After discussing different policies and laying down the law, VP Jason Leiseth says the convention is all about working together.

“93 years ago, there were problems that Cattleman were having issues with cattle rustling, and probably was sparsely populated, law-enforcement. You could imagine it was a little hard to come by so a group of ranchers got together, informed the Stockman’s association to protect their interest in their cattle hers, and put a stop to the rustling,” said Leiseth.

President Schafer tells KX News that business is done by those who show up.

The convention will go on through September 24 at the Bismarck hotel and convention center.

Registration is open during the convention.

More information can be found at .