NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Nearly all drivers get nervous any time they need to pull over on the side of a busy road.

With high-speed traffic flying by, it’s enough to make any driver worried.

AAA is launching the “Move Over for Me” Campaign to protect drivers and passengers on the roadside.

For a long time, the company has been an advocate for “Move Over” laws, requiring drivers to slow down and move over for emergency responders on the roadside, yet there continues to be an alarming number of fatalities.

“Only eight states currently have laws in place that tell motorists that they should move over for the safety of vehicles on the side of the highway. We think that should be extended to all 50 states,” said Director of Public Affairs, Eugene LaDoucer.

He tells us that nearly 350 people are struck and killed outside a disabled vehicle each year in the United States, and roughly a quarter of drivers don’t know that “Slow Down, Move Over” laws exist in their state. 

In North Dakota, that number is even higher, with more than one-third of residents, or 36%, unaware of the state’s law.

“When you read the law it’s really not very clear. It talks about emergency vehicles and it talks about flashing rotating revolving lights that are red yellow, amber, and blue so it’s talking about emergency vehicles but it’s not really talking about the people who are with those vehicles so we’re trying to humanize this issue, place a person with those vehicles,” said LaDoucer. 

AAA hopes to increase awareness of existing “Move Over” laws with its “Move Over for Me” campaign, beginning in October. 

Some reminders that they will feature include getting a flat tire, engine trouble, or running out of gas.

These will all appear on social media and at events in our communities.

“Whatever we can think of as a way to get out there and get the word out, you know to help these motorists who are stranded out on the side of the roads you know they could be your family member, your friend, your coworker, your child,” said LaDoucer. 

AAA North Dakota has the goal of broadening the law and educational efforts with its new “Move Over for Me” campaign that asks drivers to move over for all drivers stuck on the roadside, as well as first responders.

Saturday, October 15 has been proclaimed by Governor Doug Burgum as “Slow Down, Move Over” day.