NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — AAA will be weighing in before the House Transportation Committee on Thursday.

According to a news release, legislators will hear testimonies regarding the proposed legislation to expand North Dakota’s Slow Down, Move Over law.

House Bill (HB) 1141 is sponsored by Representative Austen Schauer of West Fargo.

The bill will require drivers that are approaching a disabled vehicle with hazard warning lights to change lanes immediately or to slow down when passing. The current law applies to emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and highway maintenance vehicles.

The passing of BH 1141 would expand the state’s law to cover all vehicles with hazard lights on.

“Being on the side of the road is dangerous for everyone and we have seen that even those who the law is already intended to protect are not exempt from the perils on the road,” said the Regional Director of Public Affair for AAA, Gene LaDoucer.

In North Dakota, an average of one vehicle is hit per month while sitting idling on the interstate or highway, according to state data from 2017-2021.

AAA did a poll of North Dakota drivers last fall that showed a lack of understanding or awareness of the Move Over law.

36% of drivers either were unsure or didn’t know there was no Move Over law, while 96% of drivers said they’d be very or somewhat concerned about others driving close by at high speeds if they were on the side of the road.

HB1141 will simplify that law and increases the safety of all those that are on the road.

“AAA has been instrumental in the passage of Move Over laws across the country to protect first responders, law enforcement officers, tow truck operators, and highway workers,” LaDoucer said. “We would also like to see those same protections extended to motorists with disabled vehicles to save lives on our roadway.”