(KXNET) — 17 bills concerning the LGBTQ+ community are making their way through the legislature, with one already headed to the Governor’s desk.

Those 17 bills range in topics from pronouns to bathroom use to health care.

The bill that has made its way to the Governor’s desk is Senate Bill 2231 — which prohibits public schools and state agencies from requiring staff and teachers from using a person’s preferred pronouns.

ACLU of North Dakota’s advocacy manager Cody Schuler says Governor Doug Burgum wants to make the state more appealing to others — but Schuler says if any of these bills are passed, it would be discriminating towards to LGBTQ+ community.

“We have to protect everyone’s civil liberties,” said Schuler. “So, it’s really important that the governor veto this and set a precedent that none of these bills should be passed. I would actually say the governor is going to probably have a number of these bills come across his desk, and he is going to need to make a decision about what kind of state he wants to lead.”

In 2021, Burgum vetoed a bill that would have restricted transgender students from participating in public elementary and secondary school sports.