NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — According to the CDC, North Dakota is ranked 34th when it comes to death by cancer among our population.

While that number is on the lower end, cancer has not been slowing down overall.

In Monday’s Agriculture and Energy Segment, which is provided by the lignite council, the USDA is working to share some easy ways to beat cancer through food.

The USDA is calling its news series “Cancer Moonshot: Community Conversations.”

In it, they break down different food, customs, and traditions and showcase the cancer trends from them.

The department provides alternatives to these food types and illustrates the ways to avoid cancer and still maintain our individual cultures.

“When we think about unique cultural factors, and of course American Indian, a lot of people think of fry bread as traditional food for American Indians. And it’s not. It’s actually coming out of food programs for impoverished people. It’s people doing the best they can with their commodity foods. And we have to recognize that this is not a traditional indigenous food, it’s, unfortunately, one of the social outcomes of living in poverty and not having access to healthy choices,” said Dr. Donald Warne, from the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

The USDA has recipes and food for all ages to try, so the whole family can live healthier and hopefully cancer-free lives.