NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — A decision made by the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday could impact your flights in and out of North Dakota.

The FAA has now mandated a rest period of 10 consecutive hours for flight attendants, without exceptions.

Current regulations require at least nine hours of rest. The mandatory rest period would make airlines and airports update their arrival and departure times to meet this requirement.

Along with the rest period, the Association of Flight Attendants says more can be done about punishing aggressive passengers, such as removing their TSA pre-check status and implementing a banned passenger list.

Sara Nelson, International President of the Association of Flight Attendants, said, “We need to continue to act together, call this out and make sure that flight attendants are getting the backing that they need. Our union would also say that we want lawmakers to move on a banned passenger list. It is possible to do that with a due process.”

With holiday travel coming up, the FAA plans to keep flights moving, but they say it’s up to the airlines to cut down on delays.

“We want to ensure that they’ve got a good experience and we’ve called upon the airlines to make sure they’ve done their parts. We will certainly continue to do ours and together we will make this holiday as uneventful as we can make it for the flying public.” says Billy Nolen, Acting FAA Administrator.

Airlines, like Delta and American, say they’re working on this with their flight teams, and they expect only slight changes to their current schedules, including at airports in western North Dakota.

All airlines plan to implement this in November.