(KXNET) — A gambling measure narrowly passed in the state house in January, and on Wednesday, there was another close vote on a resolution on sports betting.

House Concurrent Resolution 3002 would legalize betting on professional sports in North Dakota, although it would be regulated by the state.

On Wednesday, Senator Larry Luick was proposing an amendment to the bill to remove high schools and colleges from being considered for sports betting. Luick was concerned about so-called ‘prop bets’ — side bets on a sporting event that could negatively impact athletes in the state.

“On social media, there are instances of trying to harass them or their families to either play well or poorly depending on the bet,” said Luick. “This is really happening.”

“If it passes here and passes on the ballot,” explained Senator Scott Meyer, “we can work on the policy in 2025, so keep a clean vote ‘no’.”

The amendment failed by one vote. The Senate has yet to vote on the full resolution, which could put the issue on the next election ballot.