Angel Statue Returned to Gravesite after 30 Years

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Patience pays off — and so does honesty.

This story is about a local family’s faith in humanity and it all started in a North Fargo cemetery, three decades ago.

An angel statue was stolen from the Werlinger’s family plot 35 years ago.

It was placed at the Holy Cross Cemetery to watch over Sister Colette Werlinger’s family — her mother, father, a 13-year-old brother who died in a farming accident and another baby brother, who died at birth.

Recently, Colette returned to the cemetery and was greeted by a sight….she hadn’t seen since the early 80’s.

Sister Colette— “I did not notice anything from a distance but as I got closer…”
Kevin Wallevand— “There it was….”
Sister Colette— “I said Julie, the angel is back. (laughs) I did not
believe it.”

Conversation between Sister Colette and Kevin Wallevand, WDAY.

Nobody knows how or why someone took it, and no one knows how or why it was returned and although the family says there is no ill will over the taking of the angel statue, they do hope to get some answers.

Sister Colette— “People are good. And I will meet them someday. I believe it. I hope to, I would like to meet him. “

Sister Colette

The family thinks whoever did take the angel must have taken care of it.

It’s a little weather worn – but overall, it’s in good shape.

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