NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The workforce of tomorrow requires a childcare system fit for the future.

As North Dakota continues to see workforce shortages, a huge contributing factor is a lack of daycares.

Many parents are seeing a lack of childcare solutions. So much so, some can’t even go back to work. But, in-home daycares could be part of the solution.

One of the things state legislators are focusing on this year is affordability, availability, and expanding childcare in our state, and in-home daycares are checking all of those boxes.

Bekka Oswill said, ” I hope to see more of a rise. I think we are already seeing a rise in in-home daycares. Just because it is not impossible, but it is very hard to open up a center.”

Because it requires a lot of money out of pocket and many state codes must be met.

In-home daycares are more cost-effective and are often already up to code for safety standards.

According to Childcare Aware of North Dakota, in Ward County alone, 2,309 children were attending daycare facilities in 2020, leaving more than 6,000 children without a daycare facility. One of them being Kaylnn Kolstad.

“I heard back from no one. I sat months and I heard nothing back and I was like well I have to go to work what more can I do as a mom to go back to work if nobody has available positions? And then I saw a position at an in-home daycare and was like well can you work with me? Can you involve my kid, and it did work out that way,” said Kalynn Kolstad.

Legislators are working to find solutions for the lack of daycares during this legislative session. saying it is crucial for our state’s economic development plan.

North Dakota’s childcare assistance program and in-home daycares are part of some leaders’ solutions.

“I knew there was a daycare need in this town, but I didn’t think it was this extreme. I went from eight to 18 in like two days. Like this is such a need and finding a good daycare is the problem. To, you know what I mean, you have to trust these people with your kids the most important part of you like is your kids” stated Oswill.

Many parents feel more comfortable bringing their children to in-home daycares, as well.

In-home providers aim to treat their kids like their own, making the setting a home away from home.

To apply for the childcare assistance program or find a daycare provider near you, visit the program’s website.