NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — It’s that time of year when pumpkins are spiced, leaves begin to fall, and Halloween begins to creep up on us.

According to a recent survey conducted by TopCashback, 71% of Americans plan to celebrate the spooky holiday this year.

The survey polled a cross-section of 2,208 adults across the country.

Tricks and Treats

Some of the most coveted Halloween candies turned out to be Reese’s, Kit Kats, M&M’s, Snickers, and Twix while the least wanted candies were Candy Corn, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Almond Joy, and Three Musketeers.

When folks were asked about answering the door when trick-or-treaters ring it, 75% of them will answer the door, while the other 25% pretend they aren’t home.

  • How much do you spend on candy for trick-or-treaters?
    • Less than $25 said 54% of people
    • $25-$50 said 31% of people
    • $51-$100 said 12% of people
    • $101-$200 said 2% of people
    • More than $200 said 1% of people

That 54% were asked why they don’t spend a lot of money on candy. Their answers? They don’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters, candy prices have gone up due to inflation, and finally, so they’re less tempted to eat the candy themselves.

Daring Decor and Crafted Costumes

Decorations are a huge thing for Halloween. Neighborhoods have contests for the scariest house and it’s a great time to see what everyone did this year, to make yours better for the next year.

But, did you know that only 58% of people decorate their homes? Out of that group of people, 63% only spend no more than $100 for decorations, 26% spend up to $200, 7% spend up to $300 and only 1% spend up to $500.

Costumes are a must when it comes to Halloween, whether you’re going to a costume party or trick-or-treating. According to this survey, only 35% of people make their own costumes for the holiday.

But the top five costumes that people think are most overused? A witch, a devil or angel, a skeleton, a cat, and a nurse.

Festive Fall Favorites

Halloween comes with lots of traditions, but the five favorite ones? They were trick-or-treating (of course), watching scary movies, dressing up, carving Jack-o-Lanterns, and decorating the house.

Among those five, watching scary movies was one of them, so people were asked what their favorite Halloween movies were. The top five were Hocus Pocus, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, and The Nightmare before Christmas.

Fall comes with lots of festivities, and these people voted for the top five things they’ll spend the most money on. They were fall activities (apple picking, etc.), sweets for trick-or-treating, costumes, pumpkins, and decorations.

Three Tips to Save Money

Whether you’re looking for the perfect costume or want to spook-ify your home, here are three tips to save money this Halloween.


From costumes to decor, Halloween is the time to get witchcrafty!

Visit your local dollar store for supplies like spray paint and glue, and head to a thrift store for inexpensive, DIY costume pieces and materials.

And if you’re unable to DIY your costume, search for other options outside of the Halloween aisle.

For example, the dress-up section of the toy department may offer less expensive options than a seasonal Halloween costume.

Stack your savings

Mystical saving, fab-boo-lous coupons, and spooktacular cashback, oh my!

Look for every opportunity to save by using a rewards credit card and browsing sales.

And in addition to any deals, promotions, or discounts, use a cashback site, like TopCashback, to earn a percentage of your money back on qualifying purchases from over 7,000 stores, including Spirit Halloween, Dollar Tree, and Halloween-Mall.

Shop for Halloween 2023

As we near the holidays, retailers like Michaels, Target, and Home Depot need to make room for the winter holiday season.

So, when November 1 rolls around, you can expect major markdowns on Halloween items that can be saved for next year, such as indoor and outdoor decor.