NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Wednesday, Attorney General Drew Wrigley released the 2021 crime statistics, which highlighted increases in the crimes against persons category and several crimes within it.

Wrigley says the trend presents a danger to the communities of North Dakota.

He plans in the coming weeks to release a violent crimes legislation package, which he will present to the 2023 Legislature should he win come November.

His plan will include proposals for increased staffing at the Attorney General’s Office and its Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

The plan will also push for more missions conducted on the American Indian Reservations in the state.

Wrigley says he will push for legislation that adds greater mandatory minimum sentences for certain crimes and a consecutive sentence if a firearm was used in a crime.

During the news conference, Wrigley stated that 500 guns are stolen in the state annually and many of the guns used in crimes are obtained illegally.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

The 2021 crime report showed homicides in North Dakota fell from 32 in 2020 to 17 last year.

Thirteen of those were committed with firearms. Overall crimes against persons as reported by national standards increased by more than 10%.

When robbery is added in, crimes against persons rose by 11.5%.

Wrigley did include robbery in his stats on crimes against persons. This differs from the FBI’s standard method of reporting robbery as property crime.

Of the 51,784 crimes reported in 2021, 23% were considered crimes against persons. Another 27% were crimes against society and the remainder 50% were crimes against property.

The report also shows assaults in the state are increasing. In 2020, there were a little more than 7,500 reported assaults.

In 2021, that number rose to more than 8,000.

However, DUI arrests fell from 4,175 in 2020 to 4,040 in 2021.

Wrigley says this is a good thing but that number is still too high. He stated DUI is a crime that is completely avoidable.