NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Fall can be the time to set up your yard for year-round success by putting work into landscaping.

According to a news release, this time can determine the quality of space for activities like football games or Easter egg hunts.

“Work in your yard, and it will work for you. That’s always been our motto, but it’s particularly important to follow this credo in the fall when we can make the most impact in our yards,” said President and CEO of the TurfMutt Foundation. “You don’t have to break the bank to create a backyard that will serve many purposes for your family year-round.”

However, TurfMutt has these six hacks to save money while working in the yard.

  1. Clean flower beds and add mulch. Cleaning out flower beds and adding new mulch can keep weeds at bay, and retain moisture for the plants.
  2. Prune bushes and trees. Use a chainsaw, trimmer, or hedger to remove dead or dying branches and stems on bushes, shrubs, and trees. This preserves health and improves shape.
  3. Keep grass mowed and weeded. Regular mowing helps grass stay healthy and strong, but cut the lawn shorter in the fall and continue to mow until the grass goes into hibernation for the winter.
  4. Pick perennials. They come back again in the spring and are a smart money choice because you only have to buy them once.
  5. Plant climate-appropriate species. Native plants are a smart buy at any time, as they’re more likely to thrive in the climate without much maintenance or watering. They’re also great for wildlife and pollinators.
  6. Look for deals. Most places offer end-of-season sales on landscaping essentials that can make tasks for the next year even easier.

If you would like more information about backyarding tips or about creating the yard of your dreams, you can visit this website.