(KXNET) — Right now, there are two bills at the state capitol hoping to stop any countries labeled as foreign enemies from buying land in North Dakota.

One of those bills, Senate Bill 2371 says that a city or county in the state may not make a deal with a person or government who’s considered a foreign adversary. That includes China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela.

This comes after Grand Forks’ city leaders voted to cancel a deal with the Fufeng Group on a proposed corn milling plant, which opponents argue was too close to the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

“Not making it easier for Chinese businesses with ties to Beijing to operate in the united states. following cps’s failure to stop Fufeng, the U.S. Air Force penned a letter stating that the Chinese manufacturer would pose a significant threat to national security,” Sen. Bob Paulson said.

“Internally, the title insurance industry had to dig deep to figure out, A, we could just all come out and say we oppose these things. But we don’t necessarily oppose them from a public policy standpoint. We only oppose them because we want to make sure they work in practice,” The Title Team CEO, Nick Hacker said.

People who testified on Thursday are asking for the bill to be amended, as right now, it says a group can work out a deal if it’s been in good standing with the state of North Dakota for seven years or if it has a national security agreement with the US government.

The other bill being considered is House Bill 1503.