BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — Research performed by the CDC has indicated that one in six adults in the United States binge drink, and that 25% of those individuals do so weekly. The residents of North Dakota are no strangers to this idea if new studies are any indication.

A new study from the prescription medication assistance site NiceRx identified the states with the largest number of admitted binge drinkers, the highest excessive alcohol consumption cost, and the states with the most alcohol-related deaths.

When it comes to alcohol consumption, in particular, North Dakota’s binge drinkers are some of the worst in the US, consuming the fourth largest amount in gallons per capita. Other northern plains states, including South Dakota and Montana, also topped the charts. The list of the top ten states with the most binge drinkers is as follows:

RankStateAlcohol Consumption in Gallons Per Capita
1New Hampshire4.67
4North Dakota3.16
10South Dakota2.87

In terms of specific North Dakota statistics, it was reported that the total overall cost of excessive drinking in the state comes to $487.6 million dollars, which is equivalent to an average of $725 for each individual. In 2019, 19.7 deaths related directly to alcohol were reported for every 100,000 people in ND.

Other states across the US have reported their own odd numbers as well. In contrast to the states listed above, Utah has been named the state with the fewest binge drinkers, with only 1.35 gallons of alcohol consumed per individual. The highest cost of excessive drinking came from Alaska, where the overall cost of the habit was 872.2 million ($1,165 per person in the state), and the state with the highest number of alcohol-related deaths was New Mexico, reporting 34.3 deaths per 100,000 people in the area.

The full study done by NiceRX can be found here.