BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The proposed Summit Carbon Solutions project intends to allow a CO2 pipeline to make its way through our state, but in recent times, has seen a massive number of delays.

Now, KX meets with Bismarck City Attorney Janelle Combs, who states that the city is still working to address concerns many have regarding the operation.

The pipeline system would capture carbon dioxide at more than 30 facilities across the Midwest, before transporting it to North Dakota where it would be stored. However, while Summit Carbon Solutions believes North Dakota has some of the most abundant, safest geological storage potential in the United States, there are many who still oppose the project.

Combs says that the city is working to ensure a safe community by doing its due diligence.

After inquiring several law firms in the state and outside of it, they have found a match to join forces with. The law firm has represented the city in other litigation matters, and Mr. Zomer (a member of the organization) has practiced before the North Dakota Public Service Commission.

“You would be able to question witnesses in the future proceedings in regards to this,” she stated. “Right now, there isn’t a next hearing date that’s set, to my knowledge, for the PSC matter. When they set the hearing date, if the PSC grants our petition and allows us to intervene in the proceedings, the City of Bismarck would be able to ask questions.”

She says the route of the project has changed, and the new route is still not 100 percent clear — but either way, the petition is still important and beneficial regardless of the steps they take in the future.

“If there was to be a hazardous material break in this pipeline when it’s built,” Combs explained, “it goes through Burleigh County and Morton County and south of us as well, Bismarck Fire would be one of the teams that would be dispatched at the beginning.”

For more information on the Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline project, visit the organization’s website here.