(KXNET) — Governor Doug Burgum has now signed 33 of the more than 50 bills introduced to change or eliminate over 400 unnecessary regulations through the Red Tape Reduction Working Group.

The Red Tape Reduction Working Group was created last August and worked to identify regulations, rules, and policies that could be changed or eliminated to help lower costs for North Dakota citizens. And getting rid of red tape helped lower those costs.

One of those bills is Senate Bill 2111 which allows electronic vehicle titling, and removing the red tape surrounding it.

“Under the new bill, the same documents are needed for an electronic title or a paper title,” said Representative Scott Wagner of District 45. “Once the documents are processed instead of issuing a paper title an electronic notification will be sent and a paper title does not get printed. This eliminates postage and paper costs, as well as works to increase efficiency. Simplifies the process and creates more secure transfers.”

Planning is already underway for a Red Tape Reduction 2.0 effort, which will focus on input from the public and business community.