NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Canticle Productions is the receiver of the state’s Motion Picture Production and Recruitment Grant.

According to the North Dakota Department of Commerce, the funding is supposed to support the production of impactful motion pictures about North Dakota — whether it be about the land, history, or citizens.

“Canticle Productions proposed to produce two new films around legendary North Dakota stories,” said Sara Otte-Coleman, the North Dakota Department of Commerce Tourism and Marketing director. “We are excited to support their projects through this dedicated funding.”

Canticle Productions is a film production company that is dedicated to telling powerful, true stories about the state. It was founded in 2018 by Daniel Bielinski, and has produced and distributed three feature films in 2020-2021: “A Heart like Water,” “Sanctified,” and “End of the Rope.”

The funding of $600,000 will contribute to two new film projects.

The grant was started to provide a film and theater production grant directly to a producer that’s dedicated to the preservation and honor of North Dakota. And the film products should showcase the state by telling stories that will instill curiosity and inspire viewers to learn more.