NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — It’s the changing of the guard for the North Dakota Republican Caucuses for State House and State Senate Monday night.

Representative Chet Pollert has served as the House Caucus Leader since 2018, and Senator Richard Wardner has served as the Senate Caucus Leader since 2011.

Monday night the Republican legislative caucuses will vote on a new Leader, Assistant Leader, Caucus Chair, and Speaker.

KX News has been speaking with legislators and they tell us the race for House leader is currently between Mike Lefor, Robin Wiesz, and Jim Kasper.

Representative Glenn Bosch has put his name in the ring for House Assistant Leader.

The race for Caucus Chair is between Greg Stemen and Austin Schauer.

The race for Speaker is between Dennis Johnson, Scott Louser, and Larry Bellew.

On the Senate side, the race for Senate Leader is between David Hogue and Donald Schaible.

Senator Jerry Klein is vying for Senate Assistant Leader.

The race for Senate Caucus Chair is Doug Larsen versus Kristin Roers.

And by precedent, Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford will serve as Speaker of the Senate.

In North Dakota, The Majority Leader holds the most power in the chamber, because they are responsible for selecting the chairs for every committee.

For instance, they will select the Appropriations Chair for both the House and Senate tonight. Representative Jeff Delzer has served as Appropriations Chair since 2011, and he’s stepping down and being replaced.

On the Senate side, Senator Ray Holmberg, who resigned earlier this year and is now embroiled in a scandal, served as the Senate Appropriation Chair since 2003. He too will be replaced.

We are talking with Caucus members through the evening, and we will have the results of the caucus elections Monday night on KX News at 10.

The DemNPL will hold its House and Senate Caucus elections Tuesday.

This all comes in time for the Legislative Management Meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday. During the two days of meetings, 25 interim committees will submit their final reports ahead of the upcoming legislative session in January.