NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Members of the MHA Nation could see some changes in their constitution on the horizon.

Chairman Mark Fox told KX News he is planning a referendum.

He says there will be a vote on medical marijuana on reservations and for term limits, which he says he’s for.

The referendum will go out to all MHA Nation members, on and off the reservation by mail, in June.

He says there will be other things on the ballot as well, including new enrollment requirements, tribal government reform measures, and off-reservation voting.

In support of his beliefs in term limits, Fox told KX News he expects this term to be his last as chairman of the MHA Nation.

“If they vote for some of these government reform things that we’re going to propose, then what we will then do is set up what’s called a secretary election, with the secretary of interior, and have them another chance to vote to change our constitution. So make us more separation of powers, executive branch, legislative and judicial branch, similar to the United States. And plus a number of other things like term limits and off-reservation voting. And so I’ll be basically terming myself out. And I’m totally comfortable with that,” said Chairman Mark Fox.

Fox says he plans to accomplish economic development opportunities that will last forever for the MHA Nation, in his final years as well.