An update from Gov. Doug Burgum for our COVID-19 North Dakota Watch.

He kicked off his first press briefing of February with several positive numbers.

Burgum says the state has reached its lowest rolling percent positive rate since August, the third-lowest deaths per capita, and is the second-most efficient state in terms of doling out vaccines.

On top of that, COVID hospitalizations in North Dakota are down 89 percent from a peak of over 300 in November.

He points to therapeutic treatments, like monoclonal antibodies, as a key reason for that drop.

The governor also shared this encouraging detail:

“Of the 2252 individuals that received these therapeutics in North Dakota, the majority of them over age 65, many with underlying conditions, only 22, or less than 1 percent, have been hospitalized,” Burgum said.

The state says 12.2 percent of North Dakotans have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine so far.