NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — The workforce shortage and daycare deserts are two serious problems in North Dakota, but according to state officials, one solution may knock out two problems at once. North Dakota is pushing home daycares as the solution for both the workforce and daycare shortages.

Things are getting more expensive thanks to inflation and more parents are getting back to work, but they still have kids to take care of. So the state is promoting home daycares to fix this problem.

“So we have a really good balance between home and family providers, group providers, and center providers,” stated Jessica Thomasson, the executive director of the Department of Health and Human Services. “In fact, our largest number of childcare providers who are licensed in the state are home and family”

With most to all parents returning to work, finding good, affordable, and trustworthy care is very difficult.

Thomasson explains the rate we are seeing in childcare providers. With prices sky rocking, home daycares are also employing parents needing work. One parent even says it’s easier working at a home daycare where her children can be with her.

“It’s nice because I don’t need to drop off my kid at school, drop off my kid off at daycare, take this kid here, it’s centralized,” said Kaylnn Kolstad, a Minot mother.

According to Childcare Aware, a city like Minot has over 20 at-home daycares and ten daycare centers. That means home daycares are doubling brick-and-mortar centers.

North Dakota wants to make daycares more affordable for all parents as well. The state would like to provide a wide variety of options when it comes to childcare which includes both financial and logistic help.

“I think what we noticed is regardless of the type of childcare provider it’s just really important for families to have a choice so we always have childcare available affordable and high quality,” said Thomasson.

With the rise in home daycares, like we are seeing in Minot families are getting the help they need and the jobs to thrive in our state.

Having options for childcare is one thing but paying for it is another. With the state making applying for and finding child care easier visit their website.