NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — There is a lot going on in the world of politics. New laws, investigations — on both sides — and of course, different political parties having different opinions. 

This past year, Governor Doug Burgum signed a law that puts the “twice passed” provision on the ballot. 

The new law requires voters to pass the same ballot initiative twice before it becomes law, ultimately making it harder for citizens to change the Constitution in general.

State DEM NPL executive director Cheryl Biller says this is a lose-lose for the party and for the Governor in particular.

“It does make the bar higher, North Dakota has historically been a state that put forward rigorous but fair standards for citizens to amend the constitution and I think Burgum is just trying to protect a position that he knows is indefensible,” said Biller.

Now, circling back to a previous sit down with Biller, reporter Adrienne Oglesby asked her what she thought of the Hunter Biden investigation.

Her response was, “I am not sure that I would characterize the language about Hunter Biden as ‘finding.'”

But as more recent headlines have come out, it shows that the investigation is on people’s minds. 

Biller now said, “We stand with the head of our party, I believe the investigation will play out and if circumstances change, we should follow the law, that’s the position of the DEM NPL.” 

But only time will tell if this will give them a win.

And, in continuing coverage of the ongoing teacher shortage here in the state, more opinions are coming to light.

With school just around the corner, Governor Doug Burgum recently announced the formation of a future task force, along with temporarily allowing student teachers to teach.

KX News spoke with the head of ND United as well as The Department of Public Instruction who both say they are worried about the ESB’s approval to temporarily allow the expanded use of student teachers in the classroom.

And Biller says she is too.

“I’m going to listen to the experts. When our head of the education department and the people that represent teachers tell me that they believe education is going to be impacted, I will stand with them. It just makes sense right? Student teachers have tons of potential and I’m excited for them to get into the business, but they don’t have the life experience that teachers who’ve been there for a while have and teachers who are credentialed,” said Biller. 

All districts and schools can make the decision whether or not to use student teachers to fill their open positions.