The North Dakota Department of Transportation is reminding motorists to be especially alert for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists as more people are out enjoying the warmer weather.

“As of July 2, motorcyclists make up 25 percent and pedestrians/bicyclists make up 10 percent of the motor vehicle fatalities in North Dakota in 2022,” says Highway Safety Division Director Karin Mongeon. “Drivers should be alert and drive free from distraction as more bikers, runners, walkers and motorcyclists are on the road.”

Just like motorcyclists, bicyclists are also granted the same rights as a driver. Motorist should always maintain a three-foot distance from any bicyclist. Also, motorists should be aware that a bicyclist with the right of way on a roadway with two or fewer lanes doesn’t have to stop at the stop sign or stop light if no other vehicle on the thru street is close enough to constitute a stop.

According to 2020 North Dakota statistics, one motorcyclist was involved in a crash nearly every two days, a pedestrian was involved in a crash every four days, and a bicyclist was involved in a crash every seven days.