NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — North Dakota saw a record number of fatalities this year during the 100 deadliest days for drivers. Now it appears another concern is hitting the road for drivers in the Peace Garden State, DUIs.

According to a study done by QuoteWizard, DUIs are up 16% in North Dakota since 2010. With North Dakota ranking first in the country with an average of 87 DUIs per ten-thousand drivers.

In terms of crashes, North Dakota has seen a 6% rise in traffic fatalities with many involving alcohol. The study found that 40% of fatal crashes in the state involved alcohol and 35% where a person was legally or severely impaired.

The United States as a whole is currently seeing an 18% increase in fatal crashes since 2020 with an average of 33 DUIs per ten-thousand drivers.