NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — There is a nationwide push to exempt feminine product purchases from sales tax, with 18 new states ending the tax on these products in just the last five years.

Currently, North Dakota is one of the 22 remaining states that still has that sales tax. 

And right along with feminine products, sales tax on diapers is also a hot topic.

As of now, 29 states charge sales tax on baby diapers, including North Dakota. 

However, North Dakota does exempt adult diaper purchases.  

Like feminine products, there is a growing movement amongst the states to eliminate the tax on diapers, too.

KX spoke with Representative Gretchen Dobervich, as she’s been in the works to prepare a bill that would exempt tampons and sanitary pads from sales tax.

“Several other states have exempted tax on these items and one of the things that I’ve run into is people commenting that it’s a ‘woke or feminist agenda’ type bill and it’s really not. This bill is really aimed at a tax on a product which is necessary. It’s a medically necessary product. It’s products that a vast number of households across the state of North Dakota purchase and it’s just one little way we can reduce the tax burden on citizens in North Dakota,” Dobervich said.

Dobervich says that both exemptions are feasible for our state and unlike property tax, for example, this would impact everyone regardless of your income.

North Dakota typically collects between 800 million and 1.1 billion a year in sales and use tax, making it the leading source of tax revenue.