MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The final touches for the State Fair are going on right now.

At the North Dakota State Fair you’ll notice tents, vendors and your favorite artists, but who you may not recognize are the people that put in the hard work behind the scenes.

“Once you get to see the back end of things, you know as a worker and employee, it’s really satisfying at the end. When they get to look back and say, you know I was very big part of all of this setup,” said North Dakota State Fair Assistant General Manager Craig Rudland.

State Fair General Manager Renae Korslien says the next three weeks are the most exciting of the whole year.

She along with her staff have worked all year round, setting up vendors, performances, rides and games for the nearly 300,000 visitors that attend the state fair.

However she says it is all worth it come fair time.

“This is the best part of the whole year it is those last final days before we open that main gate and people come walking in here. Everything has to be perfect, everything has to be set, it is all coming together after at least one years work to get it here,” said Korslien.

Workers are currently setting up the tents, planting fresh flowers, removing the dirt from the Nodak speedway.

The general manager says she can’t wait for everyone to have a good time, all while staying away from harm.

“What I look forward to the every night, is being able to go to bed and be thankful that everyone got home safely. That would be the biggest accomplishment all of us can do. Come and have fun and smile and everything is good and get home safely,” added Korslien.

When the fair starts in a little over a week, she also looks forward to hosting the Budweiser Clydesdales for the whole nine days.

For all the events, vendors, fair foods, and fair fun you can handle, go to the North Dakota State Fair Website.