NORTH DAKOTA, (KXNET) — We all know that North Dakota is a wonderful state, and that’s why our state continues to promote more Americans to come here to live and prosper.

Find the Good Life is a talent attraction program that helps connect those who are out of state with North Dakota employers who are currently hiring.

Right now, they are celebrating the hire and relocation of their first participant.

“He connected with our relocation staff. He engaged with community champions in Minot who were able to connect him with job opportunities, along with job service North Dakota we also played a pretty big role in that too,” said North Dakota Department of Commerce Workforce Director, Katie Ralston Howe.

Travis now works for ProIT in the Magic City.

He may be the first but certainly not the last. Currently, Find the Good Life has nearly 300 participants going through the process in only its first month.

“I think that we have a ton of opportunities in North Dakota and I really believe that there’s something for everyone and it’s really rewarding to be a part of someone’s journey, to be a part of someone’s story where they’re looking at North Dakota as a place to start a new beginning,” added Ralston Howe.

Although the Department of Commerce had lots of confidence in this program, they were still shocked at the number of people seeking employment in North Dakota.

Ralston Howe says North Dakota is the first state in the nation to take this approach to attract workers.

“213 of them are new to North Dakota, so these are folks who are interested in learning about what North Dakota has to offer. They’ve seen our marketing, they’ve engaged with the content that we have, they’ve been exploring our Find the Good Life website,” said Ralston.

The Department of Commerce looks forward to seeing this program grow and welcome new faces to North Dakota.

These are job openings available all around the state. For more information on Find the Good Life, visit the Find the Good Life Website.