BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The trial date for Dakota State Lawmaker Ray Holmberg, who has been accused of traveling to Europe with the intent of paying for sex with a minor, has been moved.

After serving more than 45 years in the state senate, Holmberg resigned last year, after a Fargo newspaper reported on his communications with a man in jail for charges related to child sexual abuse.

Holmberg made several state-funded trips to foreign countries, but it is currently unclear whether the alleged conduct occurred during those trips.

Last month, Holmberg was indicted for his actions, with a trial set for December 5. Earlier this week, his attorney asked for time to review documents and prepare Holmberg’s defense.

Holmberg is also accused of receiving images depicting child sexual abuse. He has pleaded not guilty to this charge and was released under certain conditions.

Holmberg’s trial has been rescheduled for April 29 in Fargo, and it is expected to last five days.