NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — This year the Theodore Roosevelt National Park will have two more free entrance days.

That’s right, an entire national park trip for free.

On Saturday, September 24, the day is recognized as National Public Lands Day.

Established back in 1994, the day signifies the connection between people and the green space in their community.

This year at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, you can simply visit the park free of charge or gather with the community to give back and volunteer.

The park’s deputy superintendent says this is typically the largest volunteer event at the park.

So KX asked, what does volunteering in the park on free entrance day look like, for curious minds of course?

“Well, you’ll have a whole variety of things. It depends on what park you’re in so in parks like this one we might have people who are working on trails. They may be setting up trail signs, they could be making a waterway access a place to cross over the water, they could be taking care of exotic vegetation, and getting rid of exotic plants. If you’re in a park, maybe where you’ve got boating, they might be checking boats for exotic species that have attached themselves to the boats,” said the park’s Deputy Superintendent, Maureen McGee-Ballinger.

She adds volunteering could also simply mean picking up some litter.

If you miss this upcoming free park day, don’t fret, the next free entry day for our national parks will be on Veterans Day, on November 11.