(KXNET) — The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will offer free seed for the upcoming season to landowners interested in planting food plots for pheasants.

According to a news release, this seed mix is different than the traditional corn of sunflower food plots because it has an increased plant diversity. It will include flowering plants from spring to fall, which is going to attract insects, which is the biggest diet component of pheasant chicks.

The mix is also going to provide the needed cover during spring and summer and in the winter as a food source.

Pheasants won’t be the only species that will be able to benefit from this mix.

Kevin Kading, the private land section leader for the Game and Fish Department, said that more food plots are a part of the Private Land Open To Sportsmen program in the department.

This food plot campaign does not require a PLOTS contract, but we are asking participating landowners to allow reasonable public access, which could mean simply providing access permission to hunters from time to time, putting up ‘Ask Before You Enter’ signs around the area, or not posting the surrounding land,” Kading said. “Landowners participating in this promotion cannot charge a fee for hunting.”

The department is going to provide those interested enough seed to cover a maximum of five-acre planting at no cost to the landowner.

Anyone who is interested in getting the food plot seed needs to sign up online before April 1.

The seed is going to be available in April at their offices in Bismarck, Jamestown, Devils Lake, Harvey, Dickinson, Williston, and Riverdale.

Land biologists will be available to provide technical assistance with food plot locations and preparing sites.

Landowners who are interested in the additional financial incentives can be considered for the PLOTS program.

You can get more information by contacting a private land biologist at any office in the state or by emailing ndgf@nd.gov.