NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Although winter recently started and it seems like spring is so far away, it’s important for farmers to make sure they’re ready when the snow begins to melt.

One important tip to remember, you need to perform regular maintenance on your machinery.

If you inspect your machinery in the winter, you’ll know whether it needs to be fixed or if you need to buy a new one, before it’s time to use it.

Make sure you drink enough water. Although it’s imperative to stay hydrated in the heat, it’s equally as important to drink water in the winter.

If you’re outside, make sure you’re wearing the appropriate layers and you can take them off as needed.

It’s also helpful to grow winter cover crops.

Growing crops like certain types of grass, barley, and oats in the winter can help prevent soil erosion.

It could also help supply nitrogen, reduce weeds, and manage soil-borne diseases.

Farming is a full-time job that doesn’t stop just because crops have been harvested.

So don’t let the winter weather keep you from making sure you and your farm are ready for the spring.