UPDATE: As of Friday, November 18, the massive turbine has left North Dakota and moved into Montana.

BOWMAN, ND (KXNET) — If you’re driving in western North Dakota today, you may want to avoid U.S. Highway 85 near Bowman and U.S. Highway 2 west.

(Image: NDDOT)

The North Dakota Highway Patrol reports an extremely large and heavy load is being moved through western North Dakota on those roads and it will be virtually impossible to pass the transport effort.

The load is a million-pound turbine, hauled on a bed that is 25 feet wide and requires 36 axles for support and travel.

(Image: NDDOT)

The route through North Dakota started on U.S. Highway 85 at the South Dakota border. It is traveling north on 85 to Williston and then it will turn west on U.S. Highway 2 heading to Montana.

The Highway Patrol asks motorists to consider alternative routes since delays are expected with the move. No road closures are planned, the patrol notes, just delays.

The machinery is being moved by Barnhart Crane & Rigging of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.