(KXNET) — The beloved Girl Scout cookies are a staple in our country, and soon, you will be able to purchase these delicious treats.

The Raspberry Rally Cookie is the new cookie that has been added to the prior 12 Girl Scout cookies that were offered in 2022.

Very similar to a thin mint but instead of mint, there will be a raspberry filling.

The Raspberry Rally Cookie will only be available online and will ship directly to customers’ doors.

“The girls can only carry so many at their booths. You don’t want to give them too many options, so I think that’s why the Raspberry Rally is online. So we’re not taking any good cookies away, but they don’t have to juggle more inventory when they’re selling at booths,” said Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons Director of Communications, Bailey Brooker.

Girl Scouts will start taking online orders for delivery on February 10, and in-person sales start on February 17.

However, the Raspberry Rally cookie will not be available for online purchase until February 27.